Sports, brands, marketing,
and monetization
- all under one umbrella

The complete solution for sports marketing in the Philippines, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Pen One Digital Corporation is a company duly registered with the SEC, operating under the name Pen One Sports, that is engaged in the marketing of the biggest professional sports leagues in the Philippines. Our clients include the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and the Premier Volleyball League (PVL), both of which have the largest dedicated sports audiences in the country.

Our team comprises of sports marketing and business professionals that work closely with information technology experts. We execute advertising campaigns that maximize brand exposure, growth, and income for sports leagues as well as partner brands. We excel at supporting the growth of professional sports organizations by providing a venue that boosts brand visibility to millions of fans nationwide - online, in the arena, on television, or through direct player endorsements.

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Different Focus

Our philosophy is that "Attention Time" and "Engagement" are the most important outcomes
of Digital Advertising

Proprietary Ad Tech

Our proprietary technology primarily focuses on enhancing and increasing "Attention Time"
and "Engagement"

Superior Solutions

Much higher return on advertising spend for advertisers

Much higher revenue for publishers

Superior user experience for Customers